Tugs on Postcards (1)


 Hoek van Holland, a work-harbour at the entrace to the Rotterdam Waterway. The harbour has always been home to tugs. Seen in this postcard - probably from the late 1950s - is the L. Smit & Co tug MAAS which was designed especially for the Hoek van Holland salvage station. In 1961 the tug was lengthened by some 3 meters and in addition to her salvage role also became a training vessel mainly for deck crew. Apart from the 'big' salvage tug, for many years salvage vessels from Van den Tak (Taks Berging) or Van den Akker were stationed at the port. This had to do with maintenance (and salvage) work for the Ministry of Waterways, the formal owner of the Waterway.

Maas was completed in 1954 by J. & K. Smit's Scheepswerven at Kinderdijk, the Netherlands. Fitted with two Smit-M.A.N main engines totalling 800 bhp on a single shaft. 253 grt - 35,69 (oa) x 7,54 x 3.35 m. Draught 3,07 m. The tug was sold to Luzon Stevedoring Co., Manila, in 1970. She sailed as Trojan for the next 10 years before being scrapped at Manila in 1980.

trojan - coll JvEijk